The gifts of Reiki

Lois Valleau

How blessed are we who can see, feel and appreciate the gifts of Reiki. I received the gift when I first experienced Reiki and felt the energy moving through my body. I felt the gift when I was trained in Reiki I and learned to give Reiki to myself and others. I saw the gift when I was trained in Reiki II and learned how to send Reiki at a distance and to use the symbols to enhance this energy. I knew the gift when I was trained in Reiki III as I deepened my commitment to Reiki and learned to teach it to others. Another gift I so appreciate is that Reiki must flow through me before I may give it to another, so I am always receiving as I am giving.

Many Reiki practitioners in Sun Lakes have or are attending the Reiki Circle which meets every Tuesday morning in the Cottonwood Courtyard. This is the setting where we share the gifts of Reiki. Below are some of the gifts they receive from Reiki.

“When I share Reiki, I experience an internal calmness and peace. When this happens, I see my world in a clearer and new light. Then I can make better decisions.” Joyce

“Since getting trained in Reiki I’m able to pass on the gift that was given to me.” Marguerite

“In the Reiki Circle, I feel a quiet peace within myself, a ‘present moment’ peace. At the same time, I feel the enormity of the Reiki energy from the rest of the group … kind of a microcosm of the oneness I feel with the universe.” Sarah

“One of the finest gifts of the Creator in my life is Reiki. Reiki brought me through the emotional devastation of losing my husband. It healed my body after surgery. It has been a door-opener to broader spiritual studies. Teaching Reiki to others has always been my greatest pleasure and deepest honor.” Catharina

“During a difficult year of hives and restricted breathing, the ability to give myself Reiki was priceless. Sleepless nights when I felt choked by the swelling, Reiki opened my airways, calmed my body and soothed my mind.” Merle

“When practicing Reiki, I feel a sense of ‘connectedness.’ Not only being connected in a physical sense to the receiver while they are provided with healing/relaxing energy, but also an affinity with all living things … a oneness with ALL.” Bud

“I look forward to Tuesday mornings to do and to receive Reiki. It FORCES me to relax and let my worries escape. I find true peace within myself. It makes me feel so very good to share my energy to help another. It is a gift to give and receive.” Cheryl

We welcome you to join our Reiki community Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2. There is no fee for attending and no requirement to be there weekly. We are there from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. sharing the gifts of Reiki. If you have questions about the Reiki Circle or are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, please call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699 or Catharina Cupples at 480-883-7747.