The Holiday season

Mary Lou Kaye

Time to celebrate many things – our blessings which certainly include all the goodies at the Thanksgiving table and the guests who indulge with us. Then there’s Christmas … the birth of the Christ Child, friends and holiday parties.

Dancing with your special partner and good times on the dance floor fit right in the social activities. Are you ready?

Basic Social Dance classes are offered to residents of all of the Sun Lakes communities at the Dance Studio in Cottonwood Palo Verde. And the method of learning to dance to your favorite music is so simple … “Even a caveman can do it.” There’s nothing to memorize, and we focus on our partner and the music being played.

Gift certificates are available for gifting your special someone so that you can enjoy this fitness for many years to come – the best investment you’ll ever make. Classes are ongoing now, and new ones are scheduled to begin in January.

With the method created by Mary Lou Kaye, your certified instructor, there is no memorization of specific steps, and at the end of your first hour, you’ll be able to move to any music you hear. Just Watch … Follow … Dance!

For a full schedule of classes, call 480-939-1869 or email Mary Lou at [email protected]

Get on the dance floor and discover the Fountain of Youth. v