The Hot Spot


SLWA donation

Arizona Fire & Medical Authority Deputy Chief Rob Helie accepts a check from outgoing Sun Lakes Women’s Association President Judy Caniglia for $8,400for the purchase of new state-of-the-art emergency portable radios. The Chief spoke at the SLWA’s annual Christmas party of the long partnership between the SLWA and the fire district, going all the way back to the days when Sun Lakes was manned by volunteers. “The SLWA has been a wonderful partner with us since their early days. Over $200,000 has been donated in everything from radios, nozzles, thermal detectors and other emergency equipment. We can’t thank them enough.” (Photo by Brian Curry)

Inspection at Palo Verde

Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes Fire Corp volunteer Fire Inspectors Carl Schell, Roger Fell and Brian Curry completed their first Sun Lakes fire inspection at the Palo Verde Country Club as it prepared for the Cottonwood-Palo Verde Gala 40th Anniversary Party. Schell, Fell and Curry recently certified as Arizona State Fire Inspectors for commercial and residential structures. Photo by Brian Curry

Firefighters participate in annual fishing derby

Firefighters from the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Sun Lakes participated in the annual Sun Lakes Anglers Fishing Derby that brings local students to the Sun Lakes Country Club where they are taught the essentials of fishing with the help of members of the anglers group and the firefighters and medics. AFMA/Sun Lakes is a proud co-sponsor of the event. Photo by Brian Curry.