The Library Corner at SLCC

Bette Hargrave

July, one of our hottest months of the year! Arizona, the real West, and you just can’t beat a good Western!

Once again, I’m pushing a Louis L’Amour novel. Conagher, copyright 1969, filled the bill.

Jacob and Evie Teale, newly married, travel west by wagon with two young children from Mr. Teale’s first marriage. A dusty trail, hot weather, and Evie with a sinking heart arrives at the Teale cabin, a one-room cabin with a dirt floor and not much else. Jacob leaves the very next day to buy cattle in the East.

The waiting for his return, the loneliness of no neighbors, a drifting cowhand, Indians after the stock, outlaws in the woods, and basic needs with less money all add to a beautiful story! Find Conagher in the Westerns and enjoy!

I recently read our new Danielle Steel novel, Beautiful. A young, 22-year-old Super Model, the hottest ticket in fashion modeling the world over, takes a break of a three-day vacation with her single mother. The two of them will fly from Brussels to Miami, but at the airport, standing in line to get on their flight, a bomb explodes! I enjoyed this story, and if you are a Steel fan, you will, too. Find it in our locked new purchases. Library volunteers are on hand Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 1 or 2 p.m.

June New Arrivals are as follows:

1. Sparring Partners, by John Grisham. The sparring partners are brothers Kirk and Rusty who have inherited a once prosperous law firm when its founder, their father, ends up in prison. They, as the title intimates, loathe each other, and I can’t wait to read!

2. The Summer Place, by Jennifer Weiner. The family is planning a wedding before the Big House goes on the market. Family, Love, and Life!

3. Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists (Bill O’Reilly Killing series), by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. A must read!

4. Two Nights in Lisbon, by Chris Pavone. A thriller! Ariel Pryce wakes up to find her husband gone! No warning, no note, not answering his phone! Simple premise but secrets, lies, and revenge permeate this international thriller!

5. In the Blood, by Jack Carr. A woman boards a plane in the African country of Burkina Faso, having completed a targeted assassination, and the plot begins! Author Jack Carr served our nation for 20 years as a Navy Seal where he led special operations teams on four continents. I haven’t read this author before, so I Googled him. He evidentially brings life experiences to his writing, and I’m looking forward to this novel!

Stay cool, drink water, and Happy Reading!