The Library Corner at SLCC

Left to right: Back row: Kris Eikelberger, Eileen Cleary, Mary Droke, Kim Randall; front row: Maggie Jordan, Jan Bobbett, Patricia Birch, Donna Quinn, Cleone Sayers

Bette Hargrave

On July 9, a very nice turnout of SLCC Library volunteers had a wonderful luncheon in our Sun Lakes Country Club Sunset Grill.

We had good food, good service, good prices, and good friends! The group discussed books, the upcoming movie from the novel Where the Crawdads Sing, laughed with Mary and her fantastic humor, and enjoyed getting to know each other better. Introduction was made of Cleone Sayers, our newest volunteer, and we welcomed her to our midst.

The hours of library coverage by the volunteers are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Plus, we have a volunteer who works unscheduled hours on Sunday. Thank you, Carole.

Summer hours may vary slightly, and we do not cover holidays. Please stop to say hello. The library volunteers give of their time, knowledge, and happy personalities!

Following is a list of new purchases:

1. Zero, by Tom Clancy; 2. The Hotel Nantucket, by Elin Hilderbrand; 3. Escape, a Billy Harney thriller, by James Patterson and David Ellis; 4. 22 Seconds, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro; 5. Nightwork, by Nora Roberts; 6. City on Fire, by Don Winslow; 7. A Safe House, by Stuart Woods

My first time reading a James Patterson novel was our recent purchase, Escape, a Billy Harney thriller. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed its twisting plot. It kept me with it from start to finish, and it did give me reason to look for his next book! Another novel I’ve enjoyed recently was Only a Kiss, by Mary Balogh. This historical romance was more than a fluff, sexy book—it had a good story!

A wonderful donation, a copy of which I passed on to a very young new father, is Bringing Up Jamie: How to Raise a Good Kid, by Bob Miller, a Sun Lakes author.

Thank you for all the many donations we receive, and Happy Reading!