The Lions Are Awakening

Floyd Mullen, President, Sun Lakes Lions Club

The Sun Lakes Lions Club is awakening after a summer hiatus (except for our Fly the Flag program) which has been ongoing. The Lions, however, are not looking for prey. We are looking instead for men and women to become members, to help us spread good will and support for our Sun Lakes community, Chandler, our country, and our international community.

Our Lions Club is part of the largest international volunteer service club in the world. We are 1.3 million members strong, serving in 200 countries. “The sun never sets on a Lion.” We are in need of new members, both women and men, to provide new and fresh energy and ideas to move forward in the years ahead.

The Sun Lakes Lions Club performs services in our community. For these services, we raise money which is 100% donated back to our community, our country, and our world. Any club expenses that we incur to perform these services are covered by our membership in the form of dues and donations.

We hold an evening meeting for approximately an hour a month to review, inform, inspire, and congratulate our members for their help and accomplishments performed.

Our largest community project that we now have is our Fly the Flag program, in which we set up a U.S. flag in approximately 1800 residents’ front yards, display that flag for six flag holidays, then remove the flag, repair it when necessary, and store it for the next flag day. This is a monumental project for the present 30-plus dedicated members. This project requires us to use many non-Lion members, for which we are tremendously grateful. What a wonderful project which adds greatly to our communities.

As a reward, we allow participating Lions in the program to fly the flag throughout the year. What a great feeling to see that flag flying in your yard every day.

Lions International, recognizing the increased number of people in need this COVID-19 year, and wanting to help them, has lowered the Lion membership dues for the remainder of the year and into 2021, to hopefully attract new active members.

Please call or text me at 480-371-9776 if you can help!