The “Magic of Raymond” Charity Show Scheduled Nov. 7

Ray Texeira

Being a stage magician, I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite trick?” Well, it’s “sawing people in half.” Next question—Any brothers or sisters? “Yes, I have one half-brother and two half-sisters.”

The Magic of Raymond charity show is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 7, with two shows—a matinee around 1 p.m. and an evening show around 5 p.m. Ticket costs are $15, and 100% will go to the non-denominational Sun Lakes Chapel which offers their chapel to multiple organizations. The Sun Lakes Chapel is located across from the Sun Lakes Country Club.

In response to COVID-19, there will be limited seating and the possibility that the shows will be moved to a later date. If you would like advanced seating reservations, please go to [email protected] and leave your contact information, which performance you want to attend, and how many tickets you would like. No payment is required now, and cancellation is free. You will be notified of your seat assignment and payment information mid-October.

We will follow social distancing and CDC rules for the performances with the following details:

1. The chapel can hold 300-plus, but each show will be limited to 125 in the audience.

2. Every other row will be closed off, so there will be social distancing in front and in back of you.

3. Seating: Each row can hold up to 10 people, but we are limiting row seating as follows: a.) You can order two tickets and will be seated with two others, for only four people in the row; b.) If you want to sit in the same row with another couple, you can reserve the row for four; c.) You can reserve a row for up to eight people, provided they are part of your “safety bubble.”

4. Entering the show: (a) Your temperature will be taken as you enter. If you are not feeling well, please don’t come. Just let us know, and your ticket cost will be refunded. (b) Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided.  (c) At showtime, masks will be encouraged and may be required.  (d) The chapel will be sanitized before and in-between shows.

This year’s show will be a fun relief from months of limited access to entertainment. We hope to see you there.