The Oakwood Couples Injured Reserves report and rumors


Mary Dyrseth

The Oakwood Couples welcomed back Robin Thomas. Robin no longer accessorizes her outfits with the fashionable black box and shoulder sling she has been sporting for weeks. This was supposedly to position her shoulder, following rotator cuff surgery. Rumor has it that she will soon be starring in a YouTube video entitled “Sleepless in Sun Lakes.” The video will be sponsored by a mattress company and will feature Robin’s numerous weeks of fitful sleep in a recliner. Hopefully, she is back in bed now sans sling.

New to the Injured Reserve list is Jack Lehmkuhl. Jack and his lovely wife Kay have been babysitting multiple grand dogs. Jack swears he hadn’t had anything to drink when he tripped over an itsy bitsy doggy and tore a tendon in his leg. Thankfully, the dog escaped injury. No word on how long Jack will hobble around in a boot and crutches. Rumor has it the grand dogs are anxious to return home and run in terror when Jack hobbles in their direction.

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