The Perfect Place Needs Volunteers

Diana Perez

Diana Perez

Rose Saunders

The Perfect Place is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides social and recreational activities for adults with cognitive challenges and/or older adults in a structured, safe environment, while offering support and respite for the family caregiver. The Perfect Place celebrated the holidays by making tree ornaments, door decorations, and gingerbread houses. Diana Perez, well known songstress from Sun Lakes, volunteered her time to play the piano and sing Christmas songs for the participants. She encouraged everyone present to join her. Everyone who attends The Perfect Place enjoys the planned activities, as well as the friendships they make with other attendees.

Enrollment is starting to grow at The Perfect Place. Prior to the pandemic, volunteers were the heart of the organization. We try to keep a ratio of two participants to one staff member or volunteer. The number of our volunteers has declined tremendously. We are hoping former volunteers, as well as new volunteers, consider giving time to The Perfect Place now that a COVID-19 vaccine is available. We will have a difficult time growing our program without the assistance of our volunteers. If you have a few extra hours a week, please consider volunteering your time at The Perfect Place. We have a planned orientation and provide in-service education throughout the year. Volunteers assist participants with crafts, games, and other activities. You might find that you are having more fun than those you are helping.

Please visit our new website at to see more of what we offer. You can call The Perfect Place at 480-895-2892 to arrange for a tour and learn about how you can give back to the community.