The Price of Food Is Soaring, and Matthew’s Crossing Is Making Up the Difference

Ellen Engel

“Finish your food. There are people in China who do not have food and are hungry right now.” Have you heard a version of this or been the culprit of saying it? I heard this from my mother during World War II. She mentioned China and other countries. As a child, you were like me. I wondered why we couldn’t just send food to China. I didn’t know how far it was.

Right now, in this state, you may have noticed the extreme price increase on food. For Matthew’s Crossing, this means there are more people in need of help with food supplies. We have working poor families who cannot meet their monthly bills. They can pay the rent or feed their families. They are not in China; they are right here in the Chandler area.

Reach Out Sun Lakes collects food from several groups and has a food drop-off place inside of Sun Lakes Country Club. If you belong to a group or organization that has been considering a monthly donation to a food bank, please consider joining the groups that participate together to give a dedicated Sun Lakes contribution. We consist of a small group of dedicated individuals who have been collecting food from several Sun Lakes clubs and religious organizations since 2008. Your group will be listed in our article for the Splash each month with the totals you have collected.

So far, since July when we were able to begin collection again, we list the Sun Lakes Bridge Club has donated 292 pounds of food and $1,059.00, The Unity Church of Sun Lakes has donated 48.5 pounds of food and $1,700.00, and there is a box in the Sun Lakes Country Club, which donated 323 pounds of nonperishable food. So far, from July, we have collected $2,758.00 and 663.5 pounds of food.

Please consider a donation to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank. Any amount would be so appreciated. Their address is 1368 Arizona Avenue, #112, Chandler, AZ 85225. If you are interested in volunteering with our Reach Out Sun Lakes group of volunteers or have any questions, please contact Ellen Engel at 480-980-6841.