The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

The month of May is a special tribute to mothers. Mothers are marvels for their multi-tasking ability to attend to the needs of family members, plan and coordinate schedules, manage the care of the house, and execute what needs to be done. What women are also known for is neglecting self-care, for by the time we get through our to-do’s, we often find ourselves out of time and energy. Consider facilitating the need to relax and recharge with these top six home remodeling solutions that women want:

More Storage. Clutter on surfaces is the antithesis to relaxing, for it is a visual reminder of things that need to be put away. Having overstuffed drawers and cabinets makes finding things more difficult. It is such a good feeling to be organized with everything in its place.

Well Designed Kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and being open to interacting with family or guests rather than being closed off is preferred. A functional workflow layout will facilitate the type of food prepping and cooking you like to do. Islands are popular for added seating and storage. Efficient appliances, durable flooring, and layers of lighting are also important, as is access to the outdoors.

Spa-like Bathroom. Make the room seem larger with a glass-enclosed, no-threshold, walk-in shower. Include a soaking tub. It is a pampering touch to have in-floor heating for warmth. Use the elements of natural lighting, stone, wood, and plants for the serenity of nature. Invest in quality cabinetry and hardware for long-lasting enjoyment.

Personal Retreat Space. Often mothers only have the master bathroom to escape to (another reason to make it spa-like). Just as men like to have their caves, women like to have a place customized to how she likes to rejuvenate. It could be a room for exercise, working or a hobby, or a nook that is a comfortable place to read or pray.

Indoor-Outdoor Entertaining. Utilizing and extending the home’s living space to the outdoors is both reenergizing and calming. Having another place to gather for conversation or dining can elevate the experience—it’s healthier being outdoors!

Beautiful Laundry Room. The laundry room should also be designed to be a beautiful, multipurpose place, not a chaotic room with appliances stuck in.

A woman wants a house that works to make her life easier. May every space inside and out reflect her and facilitate feeling appreciated and rewarded for her daily efforts.

Happy Home Remodeling! (As they say, happy wife, happy life!)

Janet Cook, Certified Health Coach and Aging in Place Specialist, president of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 44th year), invites you to check out their website for photos and more ideas.