The Strike Zone


Irene Olson

Hits & Misses Bowling League held their annual awards banquet on Monday, April 23, at the VFW – Chandler. All 18 teams in the league received award money according to their place standing at the end of the bowling season.

Sweeper awards were also presented to bowlers having the highest series in both Men and Women Scratch and Handicap categories. Sweeper bowling is held the last day of the season, and everyone has an equal opportunity to win on this day. Bowlers with lower averages carry higher handicap numbers to add to their total pins, while the very good bowlers have low handicap numbers to add to their pin totals. On Sweeper Day, both men, women, high or low averaged bowlers simply have fun doing their best and then may be pleasantly surprised when their names are called as a winner to receive sweeper award money at the annual banquet.

Hits & Misses bowl at Brunswick Zone Kyrene Lanes located in Kyrene Village at 6225 W. Chandler Blvd. on Monday mornings 10:30 a.m., October 1 through mid-April with a week or two break at Christmas. It’s a four-member team made up primarily of Sun Lakes residents. This is a social, non-sanctioned league, bowling for the enjoyment, fun and exercise experience. We are looking for more bowlers to join us this fall. New to the area, singles and couples are all welcome. In this league, couples are not permitted to be placed on the same team, as it often causes half of the team to be absent when an illness or vacation occurs.

If you are looking to meet your neighbors and make new friends, or maybe you haven’t bowled for a while and would like to return to the game, or you could be that seasoned bowler looking for new competition, then we are the league for you. Whether you’re bowling for fun or competition, come join us and you, too, will enjoy striking down the pins.

Please call our league secretary Ruth Andersen at 480-760-5554 to sign up for next season or for more information.