The Strike Zone

Hits and Misses

Arlene Burkhardt

The following are the high scores for April 6: Men – High Scratch Series: Bob Welch 629 and LeRoy Houchen 608; High Scratch Game: Bob Welch 267 and Eldon Drenthe 227

Women – High Scratch Series: Marcie Buirge 482 and Teri Tinney 471; High Scratch Game: Teri Tinney 211 and Tidie Morphis 175

The first place winners for the season was Team Number 10 whose team members were Fran West, Geri Sterner, Phyllis Kreglo and John Cavanagh. Congratulations to you all!

On April 13 we bowled our sweeper and the 1st place winners were the following: Men – High Scratch Series: Tony Halkiadakis with a 610; High Handicap Series was Hank Mathis with a 710

Women – High Scratch Series: Marcie Buirge with a 492; High Handicap Series was JoAnn Wojahn with a 650

We had our banquet on April 20 in the Saguaro Room at Cottonwood with 92 people in attendance.

If anyone is interested in joining our league this next season, please feel free to get in contact with me. Our league meeting will be on Monday, September 28 and we will start the league on Monday, October 5. It’s a handicap league with a wide range of averages. The only thing we require is you have a good time.