The Strike Zone

Guys and Dolls Bowlers

Ava Greenwood

To start, we want to thank JoAnne Christianson and Mary Harper for helping set up the table for our Christmas goodies. I think everyone had plenty to eat. Also, thanks to all the folks who brought all the good food.

The team Gutter Talk with Bill and Debi Whiteley and Anna Marie and Doug Friesen took first after our first half roll off with a total of 36 points. Really hot behind them and taking second place with 35 points was team Viejos, Doc Heckler, Dennis Grendahl, Dave Cichoracki and Jim Crowe. Congratulations to you.

We have already started from scratch for the second half. Good luck and good bowling.

Be sure to mark your calendar for our Western Gunslinger Barbecue Banquet. It is scheduled for Monday, April 4 at Palo Verde Country Club. Social hour will be at 4:00 p.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m. Gene Brown and his crew are promising us a bang up dinner. Don’t miss it.

12/07. Men – Scratch Game: Dave Cichoracki 237, Ed Sowney 233; Scratch Series: Ted Hanna 571, Ed Sowney 558

Women – Scratch Game: Joyce Recupido 170, Jeanette Clair 166; Scratch Series: Joyce Recupido 447, Carole Sinicki 432

12/14. Men – Scratch Game: Ed Sowney 215, Andy Boutcher 212; Scratch Series: Jim Leckner 618, Bill Cheney 580

Women – Scratch Game: Jackie Hutchins 195, Joyce Recupido 193; Scratch Series: Joyce Recupido 514, Jackie Hutchins 436

12/21. Men – Scratch Game: Doc Heckler 222, Bob Reeves 213; Scratch Series: Bob Reeves 602, Bill Whiteley 600

Women – Scratch Game: Claudia Rapaelian 162, Karen Sowney 156; Scratch Series: Karen Sowney 460, Claudia Rapaelian 446

Hits and Misses

Arlene Burkhardt

The following are the high scores for the month of December. We only bowled three weeks in December as we were off the week in between Christmas and New Year’s.

12/07. Men – High Scratch Series: LeRoy Houchen 679 and Tony Halkiadakis 576; High Scratch Game: Jim Bradley 220 and Hal Newton 213

Women – High Scratch Series: Tammy Visser 474 and Carolyn McClaren 447; High Scratch Game: Pat Schmeckpeper 178 and Arlene Burkhardt 172

12/14. Men – High Scratch Series: Pat Wilson 577 and Larry Habel 565; High Scratch Game: Eldon Drenthe 213 and LeRoy Houchen 193

Women – High Scratch Series: Sharon Lochbaum 478 and Irene Olson 452; High Scratch Game: Pat Schmeckpeper and Ruth Andersen tied with a 169 and Arlene Burkhardt 167

12/21. Men – High Scratch Series: Tony Halkiadakis 648 and John Cavanagh 581; High Scratch Game: Tony Halkiadakis 244 and John Cavanagh 242

Women -High Scratch Series: Teri Tinney 495 and Ann Habel 470; High Scratch Game: Shirley Hutchings 190 and Ann Habel 181

Keep up the good bowling.