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Drum Circle instruments

Drum Circle instruments

Julia Norton

The Sun Lakes Drum/Sound Circle had a small group that joined together with a few people from Unity Church of Sun Lakes on August 10. We sent our drum sounds out to the Universe.

Some of our drum group attended an educational presentation at the Ed Robson Library on September 5. Susy Manning had us drumming and rattling for health. She said that drumming relieves stress and frustration and has other health benefits. Susy will be at the library every other month, so watch the library notifications for those events. They are well worth it. FUN!

Our September 6 gathering of the Sun Lakes Drum Circle had five current members and eight new people who all had smiles when they left. We met on the night of the Full Corn Moon. That was extra special! Our intentions are for compassion, peace and wellbeing for the world. When two or more are gathered in like energies, they flow out to others more abundantly. This is our way of creating peace in the world.

Our drum/sound circle is for Spiritual Empowerment, a celebration of Mother Earth and the Full Moon. Our meetings are held the Wednesday of the full moon week each month. Come and join us for a short meditation and lots of sounds. The next three will be held at the Veterans Oasis Park at the northeast corner of Chandler Heights and Lindsey on October 4, November 1 and December 6 at 6:30 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m. Bring a chair or blanket and drums, rattles, bells or any other kind of musical instrument.

For more information, you can email [email protected] or call Julia Norton at 480-823-7410.