The Sun Lakes Posse needs your help

We are in danger of losing the recycling service the Sun Lakes Posse provides for area residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a tremendous service for area residents, and it keeps a great deal of material out of the landfill.

People continue to put an unbelievable number and amount of non-acceptable items in the bins or leave on the Posse site. Some of these non-recyclables are as follows: Large metal, plastic or wood items; cardboard boxes, large and small, not emptied and flattened; Styrofoam, such as various packing items, egg cartons, trays, cups, etc.; plastic bags of all sizes and uses (except for shredded paper); plastic sheeting, wrapping, strapping, etc.; bubble wrap; wood of any kind; furniture; dog poop; garbage; furnace filters; fuel and oil containers; paint and paint containers; plants or landscaping items; glass of any kind, including light bulbs and fixtures; mirrors; window blinds; totes and garbage cans.

Please remember, do not put any items in the bins not listed in the second paragraph.

We need everyone’s help to keep the recycling program available to all who use it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thank you very much for your help as well as your donations which help us provide the many services for area residents that the Posse provides.

The company that provides this service for us recycles only the following items: Flattened cardboard boxes; shredded paper in clear plastic bags; all types of clean paper; all types of clean and rinsed plastic containers with caps removed (if there are caps on them), except plastic containers used for oil or similar products; and aluminum and metal cans. These are the only kinds of recyclables we accept.

The company reserves the right to cancel this service at any time because of non-recycle items put in the bins that damage the rams in their equipment or because of the high costs of removing and disposing of non-recyclables put in the bins. Please help us keep this recycle service available to area residents now and in the future.


On April 4 at 9:50 a.m., an associate noticed that a man put a microwave oven in one of the recycle bins. The man was asked what he put in the bin and he said “a box.” When the recycle Associate checked the bin, it had a microwave oven in the bin. The associate also noticed the man put his car just inside the driveway so the surveillance camera could not pick up his license plate number. When he departed the property, he backed the car onto Pima Road.

This has to be a person who cares nothing about the residents of Sun Lakes. We provide this as a service to the Sun Lakes residents. We get a very small revenue from this service. This man may think he is the only one who knows of his actions. Think again!

Remember, if the company pulls the bins from our lot, you will be responsible for your own recycle cans. This will not be our decision to pull the bins – it is up to the company and residents of Sun Lakes.

If you have items that cannot go into the recycle bins, put them in your garbage cans at home. v