The Way We Were

Yvonne Orlich

This month, enjoy the comments (edited to fit allowable word count) from several of our singers.

Mel Moss—Bass Section

I am Mel Moss, a member of the bass section of the Sun Lakes Chorale and the member who has been here the longest—25 years. The biggest joy is when we see members of the audience smiling, swaying with the tunes, and being able to forget whatever was bothering them and enjoying the music. Look for us in December. In the meantime, everyone, stay well.

Cris Evans—Director

My name is Cris Evans, Director of the Sun Lakes Chorale. My most favorite part of being involved with Chorale … I love hearing people from all backgrounds making beautiful music together. Magical! I have missed the community of this choir. The camaraderie that we have is energetic, fun, and welcoming!

The Chorale does a huge service to our Sun Lakes community. We understand that music is more than entertainment. It can be healing, inspiring, and it can permeate into our souls and spirits. There aren’t many things that can do that. I can’t wait to see everyone and make our music together again soon!

Edla Berggreen—Alto

I am new at being old! The Sun Lakes Chorale keeps me young, and my voice and lungs strong. I look forward to weekly practice and sharing the love of music with new friends and community.

Mike Murray—Tenor

My name is Mike Murray, and I sing tenor. There are two things I really miss during this trying time of separation: the camaraderie with my friends in the Sun Lakes Chorale and the singing, both in rehearsal and the concerts that people seem to really enjoy.

Mary Park—1st Soprano

I enjoy the opportunity to work with a group of singers to learn, polish, and perform a piece of music. It is truly magical to experience—to sing with a large group of talented musicians as we bring our interpretation of a piece of music to life for an audience.

Jack Perin, Baritone

I’ve been a member of the Sun Lakes Chorale for 14 years. I once sang a solo in the spring concert “Where Do You Start?” One gentleman who had never heard the song before told me it made such an impression and went straight to his heart, as he had recently lost his wife and thanked me for performing it. The ultimate compliment to a singer is that somehow you affect someone in your audience in ways you will never know.

Kit Carlton—2nd Soprano and current president of the Chorale

It’s hard to say what I like most about singing in the Chorale, because I have two jobs—singer and president. As a singer, I like the Music Director Cris Evans puts together. As president, I like seeing all the smiling faces before each rehearsal—everyone is glad to be there.

Be well.