There was no putting around for the Cottonwood Lady Niners

Lorri Morgan

Lorri Morgan

Diana De Pree

If you don’t feel like taking your putter out of the bag, do what our very own Lorri Morgan did, get a “hole-in-one.” Yep, she got a hole-in-one on the Palo Verde Golf Course during couples play. I am sure that the men are lining up wanting her to be their partner next season. However, she has some competition close behind, and who knows who will be the “Star” in the future. Here are the winners for the month of May:

5/4/17 – Select a Drive – Flight #1: 1st Barb Sherman, 2nd Eden Carter, 3rd Susan Doyle; Flight #2: 1st Lorri Morgan; 2nd (tie) Margie Brandon and Leanna Mickelson, 3rd Jean Nelson; Flight #3: 1st Kay Newton, 2nd (tie) Cathy Kinnick and Mary Ann Loran, 3rd Carol Healy

5/11/17 – 3 Clubs and a Putter – Flight #1: 1st Bette Buchanan, 2nd Judi Mora, 3rd (tie) Sue Doyl, Rachelle Wilson and Barb Sherman; Flight #2: 1st Jerry Jordan, 2nd (tie) Kathy Bushman and Lorri Morgan, 3rd Leanna Mickelson; Flight #3: 1st Diane Rutowski, 2nd Cathy Kinnick, 3rd Dixie McQuaid

5/18/17 – Odd Holes – Flight #1: 1st Glenna Twing, 2nd (tie) Barb Sherman and Rachelle Wilson, 3rd Eden Carter; Flight #2: 1st Kathy Bushbaum, 2nd Bette Lu Buchanan, 3rd Leanna Mickelson; Flight #3: Dixie McQuaid, 2nd Dian Rutowski, 3rd Willa Barger

5/25/17 – T’s and F’s – Flight #1: 1st Judi Mora, 2nd (tie) Nancy Gehlbach and Susan Doyl; 3rd Barb Sherman; Flight #2: 1st Leanna Mickelson, 2nd Patti Seiberling, 3rd Sharon Howard; Flight #3: 1st Kay Newton, 2nd Cathy Kinnick, 3rd (tie) Jerry Jordan and Lorri Morgan

Congratulations to our winners. We look forward to our next season. Stay cool and play golf.