“To Catch A Man” books makes a comeback

Order your copy of To Catch a Man!

Order your copy of To Catch a Man!

“This book has been meaningful to women of all ages,” author Barbara Schrodt states. “I had no idea when writing it that this book would find its way into so many women’s hearts.”

To Catch a Man is a simple read, but one that will move you to tears and cause you to laugh aloud. If ever you have been lonely, you will find yourself on these pages.

Sometimes women have gotten the book for themselves and reported afterward, “This book should be mandatory reading for all young women before they end up in a messy relationship. I am saving it for my daughter to read when she’s a little older.” An 85 year old remarked, “I love it. It is so true.”

Barbara Schrodt, more often called “Bobbi,” says her own marriage was young when she wrote the book. People have asked her if her own marriage is proof that she caught a prince of a fellow. Today, she says with awe and delight, her marriage is 21 years old “and my prince is a real keeper,” she smiles.

Readers have asked about the research that went into the book. “I am a counselor,” Bobbi explains. I have seen and heard a lot. But don’t let that fool you. My own mistakes fill the pages, too.”

How can a book written 21 years ago be relevant today? “Some truths don’t change,” Bobbi says. “Our hearts that are longing for love have been given to us by God. We just need to learn some things about ourselves and others in order to fulfill this longing.”

Bobbi and her husband make their home in Sun Lakes, where they say they are surrounded by loving neighbors and friends. Bobbi’s latest book, We Run Over Snakes, is awaiting publication.

To Catch a Man is priced at $7.99 and can be ordered by sending a check or money order for $9.99 ($2.00 is shipping/handling charge) to To Catch a Man, P.O. Box 11231, Chandler, Arizona 85248.