To Pick or Not to Pick Is No Longer the Question!

James Harrald

The Sun Lakes Citrus Sharers do intend to glean fruit once again in 2021, marking our 15th season! We have met with St. Mary’s Food Bank, and they are eager to get our donations. As you can imagine with the virus, it has been very difficult on the food banks, both in terms of donations, but also volunteers.

We did not have the Open Houses this fall, so we did not openly recruit new volunteers. We do have many of the same returning team captains and plan to function as we have each year. If you are interested in helping us pick, you can reach out to Gloria at 602-316-6415. Additional information will follow in January, and you will be added to the email distribution for updates.

Additionally, we do not plan to have our annual Kick-off Coffee event in January to explain the rules and get people situated on teams. Each team captain will be coordinating with their previous roster lists, and we will also place people based on the neighborhoods they wish to help (Cottonwood, Ironwood, etc.).

The 2021 season will start on Saturday, Jan. 30, and end on Monday, March 1. We pick only on Saturdays and Mondays between 8 and 11:30 a.m. One major change will be meeting at the first address each morning in lieu of gathering at Citrus Central. Follow us on Facebook for updates at