Traveling in the Stans of Former Soviet Russia

Kay Davis

Kay Wilke is a traveler and spent several weeks last summer in five of the Stans of the former Soviet Union. She has graciously offered to give us a slide show presentation, sharing some of her experiences there, focusing on the daily life of the people. You will see the pristine city of Ashgabat, farming and ranching in the country, the vendors in the local markets in the cities, and the dichotomy of the reverence for the beautiful horses of Turkmenistan to the horse meat markets of Uzbekistan. She will also discuss the impact, good and bad, the Soviet Union had on these countries, show us remnants from the “Silk Road,” and touch upon the Stans’ contribution made to the world we live in.

Join us in the Phoenix Room of Cottonwood Country Club on Jan. 8 at 10 a.m. The presentation is open and free to the public and sponsored by Unity Church of Sun Lakes.