Trendy or Traditional Turquoise?

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Trend Alert! Okay, I’m sure there is someone – somewhere who doesn’t like turquoise. But for the rest of us (like nearly 90%), it doesn’t matter which you prefer, trendy or traditional: Turquoise jewelry never goes out of style here in the Valley of the Sun!

For further inspiration, just turn to the stars! If you’re a woman who always opts for the most minimal outfit you can find, you’re in good company — you have just found your dream accessory in turquoise. Kate Blanchett, Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes are just a few of the Hollywood celebs who have rocked turquoise statement necklaces on the red carpet in a glamorous, modern way. Even the cowgirls and hippies, they all love turquoise. Just the color alone lifts one’s spirits and makes you feel calm and happy! Why? Because turquoise is a color you just can’t ignore. Maybe you’re a refined jetsetter (albeit retired) with a taste for stunning jewelry? Try some trendy or traditional turquoise, and it will heighten your spirit and bring out your inner creative self!

Which brings us to a short commercial… yes, the Sun Lakes Rock Gem & Silver Club will help YOU learn all about cutting rocks (Lapidary Class) from the “Rough” into “Slabs” and then into “Cabs” and then actually filing, bending, fitting, soldering and polishing your own turquoise into a ring, pendant or a bracelet in the Silver Class!

All you need to do is come to our October 15 meeting at 10:00 a.m. in the Navajo Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club. It only costs $25 for a whole year of membership in one of the largest and, we think, the very best club in all of Sun Lakes! We currently have over 200 active members – which is a perfect way for YOU to meet new friends and satisfy your inner creative self (or did I say that already?)

From the jewelry of the ancient Persians to the Navajo necklaces favored by Georgia O’Keeffe, turquoise has been growing in fashion popularity over the centuries. A spate of celebrity sightings this year and some recent designer treatments suggest that this may be an “in” moment. Although it was long associated with royalty in Asia and the Middle East or with Southwestern American tribes, its reputation has mostly been that of a stone with gorgeous color and intriguing matrix. And today with all its color and texture turquoise is luring jewelers who are drawn not only to its versatility but to the way it plays with other jewels. Want to go way out? Try turquoise and diamonds set in 14-karat gold for the quintessential ultimate look of posh and understated elegance.

See you at 10:00 a.m. in the Navajo Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club on Monday, October 15, 2018. You’ll see how very exciting this club is for all the newcomers!