Tribute to Bev Krueger

Janet Myrick

Congratulations to our own Bev Krueger who won the bronze medal in the mixed doubles over 80 division at the national pickleball tournament held at Palm Creek during the month of November. Bev has won several gold medals in other tournaments. This wonder women signed up for singles by mistake and ended up with the silver medal. Try playing singles in pickleball – it isn’t easy.

You may also recognize Bev as the little lady who gets up most HOA meetings trying to convince the board we need more pickleball courts. She knows every statistic on how many and who plays on each of our courts every day. Bev also heads up the rating committee and gives new members a free clinic most weeks. It is thanks to Bev for the program we have on our pickleball courts. Not easy scheduling close to 300 players on two courts.

Again, congratulations and a BIG thank you for all the time-consuming work you have put into our program throughout the past eight years, Bev.