Triple “T” a fun team endeavor at Cottonwood

Men’s Match: Bob Walk and Clive Timms of the “Deuces” team played Rick Kendall and Armin Flachmann of the “Aces” team.

Women’s Match: Susan Aparicio and Adrianna Michael of the “Lovers” team played Anita Frindell and Susan Hood of the “Aces” team.

Penny Petersen

Cottonwood Tennis Club held its Triple “T (Team Tennis Tournament) December 5 to 8. There were four teams competing for the number one rating. First place was won by “The Racqueteers” with 59%. Their captain was Mary Park. The “Lovers” with Sandy Casale as captain and “the Aces” with Susie Dunn as captain tied for second place with 48% each. “The Deuces” with Maurice Allen as captain came in fourth place with 44%.

Martine Blue served as acting tournament director with Jack Veit as her assistant. She was filling in for Jerry Higgins who was out of town. Al and Helene Mein were in charge of food for four days and did a wonderful job, as did all their volunteers. Other people who assisted in running the tournament were Toni Reider, Keith Nelson and Barb Jorgensen.

By the time this story runs, the next tournament, The Gender Doubles, will be almost over. Look for an early review of that in this issue. The finals will be covered in the following issue.