Truths that sometimes hurt

Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D.

It is true that another season is ending while another peeks around the corner at us. It is true that we are a little older, and the summers seem to be hotter, while the winters are not long enough. It is true that things we used to do seem to be more difficult, try that we may. It is true we stay closer to home, perhaps a bit concerned about distant travel. However, it is also true that this is how life is at this moment and should encourage us to live it up and not worry about the hurts and disappointments.

Perhaps these thoughts run through our minds when we welcome in a new chapter in our lives. However, we could find it exciting if we stop to realize that life is worth the effort it takes to accomplish the things we did before, and even more, things we would like to do. We may not have the speed, but who cares? It is the destination that is important, rather than when we get there.

All the congregations in Sun Lakes offer destinations into worlds yet unimagined. It is a testament to the perseverance and determination we know is necessary to keep our lives relevant and fulfilling. We chose a retirement community for these very reasons. It is amazing, at times, to witness the exchange of ideas, connections to the past, involvement in the future, and yes, the excitement of a new day and a new journey.

An old radio program used to have as its beginning the exclamation, “return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear…” Let’s update it to, “join us in the new days of tomorrow….” How we accomplish this is very simple – support the local churches or synagogue, bring along your friends, open your minds and hearts to an endless journey into experimental faith, friendship, fellowship, and adventure.

We are the beneficiaries of an experiment begun by settlers in a new destination – Sun Lakes.

Out of these dreams the faith-based community was formed. We have had much joy, and bits of disappointments. We have witnessed the passing of friends, but marveled at the new arrivals that joined with us to perpetuate this dream.

Let us pledge that together we will endeavor to re-affirm our commitment to enhance religious life in our community by becoming “messengers of faith,” firm in the belief that we will join with our fellow religionists of various faiths in the determination to follow what we all believe, “Our houses are houses of prayer and neighborliness for all people.”

In these difficult times we MUST come together as one, united in the belief that as a community we find comfort and solace in our collective needs and response to those needs. May we all find peace with ourselves, and one another.