Tumbleweed Ranch pollinator garden dedication April 27


Mary Oester

Weeders Garden Club is holding a dedication for a pollinator garden at Tumbleweed Ranch, 2250 S. McQueen Road in Chandler. The dedication will take place April 27 at 9:30 a.m. Weeders, a local garden club with members from many of the communities in the South East Valley, created the pollinator garden with support from Chandler Parks Department, Chandler Museum and the City of Chandler. The garden club sold pavers at various Chandler functions to fund a path through the pollinator garden. Many native Arizona plants were donated by local nurseries and club members. The dedication will take place in front of the McCroskey House garden with an opportunity to tour the garden and the McCroskey House following the dedication.

A pollinator garden is a garden that is planted predominantly with trees, shrubs, vines and flowers that provide nectar and pollen for a wide range of pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies. In addition to providing food, a pollinator garden also supplies a resting place as these insects migrate, especially important for the Monarch Butterfly.

Pollinators are indicators of a healthy environment and ecosystem, but pollinator populations are shrinking worldwide. There are several factors that are contributing to this disturbing global trend. One factor is the exposure to and use of pesticides in home gardens and farmland. Parasites and diseases are attacking specific species, especially honey bees. Another factor is the loss of diversity and abundance of different kinds of plants due to land use. Without these pollinators, most plants cannot produce fruits and seeds. All of which are an important food source for people and wildlife. At least 80% of our world’s crop species require pollination to set seed.

By planting a pollinator garden with a diverse number of flowering plants and native species in your landscape, you are helping to create and maintain habitats and ecosystems that many animals rely on for food and shelter.