Unit Happenings

Unit 37

Annette Carrington

The Board of Directors would like to recognize the efforts of the Property Image and Landscaping (PI and L) committee members Doug Schmunk, Marlene Paschke, Janet Corso, Jim Poland, Nancy Engelhardt and others who assisted in introducing the new indigenous plant varieties on Carefree Way. Favorable comments have been received from homeowners throughout Villas 37.

The committee is presently working on phase two of our short-term plan, which involves potential improvements/enhancements to the entrance on Pleasant Way; phase two also includes a review of the current Rules and Regulations document governing our HOA property.

The committee will continue to post updates under the HOA News tab on our website at www.villas37.org.

We had a great turnout for our last second Wednesday social on April 8. You will be notified when they resume in the fall.

Remember to drive within the speed limit, obey our stop signs and thanks to all who clean up after their pets!

For those who are heading back to your summer homes, have a safe and wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.


President Karine Williams 480-802-7298

Vice-President David Dunn 480-883-6772

Secretary Judy Carlon 480-895-1178

Treasurer Doug Schmunk 480-895-7771

Member-at-large Glenn Berggren 480-883-6642

Maintenance Manager David Jacobsen 480-688-2532

Accountant Heather Rodriguez 480-895-5724, ext. 103

See you around!