Unity: Being an Observer

Kay Davis

Unity Church of Sun Lakes is a spiritual community whose focus is on peace, love, and healing. We follow the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual Masters. We pray in the affirmative to align ourselves with the Truth that is in all of us.

We meet in the Arts and Crafts Room of Sun Lakes Country Club which is a long block south of Riggs on Sun Lakes Blvd. at 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Our minister is Rev. Jeanne MacLaughlin. Coffee and fellowship follow the service.

It is easy to be caught up in the day-to-day busyness of life. The calendar tells us when and where to go so we “show up,” and before we know it, we are on auto-pilot mode and another day will slip away unnoticed. In this unawareness, we are not living our life, but our life is living us. Let me introduce you to the real you, the observer. Though it is always present, it won’t come forth unless it is asked to do so. The observer puts us in touch with our own actions, feelings, and true beliefs in a deep, spiritual way. To use this self-transforming tool, we become silent and enter into meditation and ask Spirit to reveal to us what we need to see, know, and learn. Don’t judge what comes up. God is good, so what comes up will be for our good and will help us to live a better, fuller, richer life with purpose. And, as always, practice, practice, practice. Namaste

Activities: Sunday Celebration in the Arts and Crafts Room of Sun Lakes Country Club at 9:30 a.m.

Reiki Circle: This group meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2 at Cottonwood clubhouse. For questions, call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699.

Unity Explores: We will keep you posted at church for the April outing. They are always fun or informative and bring us together so we can spend quality time with our friends from church.

Prayer Support: For affirmative prayer, call Rev. Jeanne at 480-374-0111.

Check out our website, unityofsunlakes.org, and if you missed a Sunday, our services are being recorded on YouTube, and you can click on Sunday service video to see what you missed.