Unity: Living Possibilities

Kay Davis

Unity Church of Sun Lakes is an active and thriving, positive and uplifting, supportive and loving spiritual community who follow the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. We choose to live a healthy lifestyle, our prayers are affirmative and we have the most wonderful and inspiring spiritual teacher you could ever imagine in Rev. Debbie Brown.

Living in Sun Lakes and being a community of seniors, we have many years of living experience behind us. We have all gathered many ingrained habits that we live with in the present time that are outmoded or have ceased to serve us. Now is our chance to be aware and claim the possibilities for a more joyous life experience. If we hear ourselves say we are too tired, change the words to, “I am thankful for this life that gives me energy and vitality.” If we say we don’t like someone, change the words to, “the same Christ spirit that lives in me also lives in that person.” We can love someone without liking them. If we say, I am a sickly person, change the words to, “Health is my birthright and my natural state of being.” God is here, this very moment and every moment and hears our words, so make sure your words reflect what you want to see in your life. No ingrained habit is worth giving up all the marvelous possibilities available to us. We are exceedingly blessed.

Please join us each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Arts and Crafts Room of Sun Lakes Country Club with Rev. Debbi Brown. Coffee and fellowship follow the service. Services will be suspended the months of July and August to be resumed the first Sunday of September.

Activities: Anyone who would like to be supported by the prayer team and Rev. Debbi can contact Debbi at 602-309-1818.

Reiki Circle: This group meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2 of Cottonwood Country Club. For more information, call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699.

For more information about our church, visit our website at  www.unityofsunlakes.org.