Unity: Peace

Unity Church of Sun Lakes is a positive and loving community of souls who follow the teachings of Jesus as well as those of other spiritual masters. We choose to live a healthy lifestyle filled with affirmative prayer, meditation, love and gratitude. We are truly blessed to have the uplifting and intuitive Rev. Debbi Brown Adams as our spiritual leader. We are on summer hiatus for the month of August, but please do join us September 3 at 9:30 a.m. in the Arts and Crafts room of Sun Lakes Country Club. Coffee and fellowship follows the Sunday Celebration. All are welcome!

While circumstances and situations in today’s world have left some of us disappointed, we know that one basic truth never changes and never will. God is present, lives in us and has given us all we need to create a happy, productive and fulfilled life, and if we believe that the world has to change to make that happen, we are mistaken. We all have talents and gifts unique unto ourselves. When we carry these talents and gifts into our lives and the lives of others, we and they are blessed. It doesn’t have to be earthshaking; it could be a smile and sunny disposition or a supportive presence, such as the ability to listen and be compassionate and to offer the hand of friendship to one who is alone. Let us not be disillusioned by the craziness of the world and, instead, embrace the model of love and perfection that we all have right in the midst of us. It is up to us to be the peace in order to see the peace in our world today.

Activities: Anyone who would like to be supported by the prayer team and Rev. Debbi can contact Debbi at 602-309-1818.

Reiki Circle: This group meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2 of Cottonwood Country Club. For more information, call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699.

For more information about our church, visit our website at  www.unityofsunlakes.org.