Upcoming events for Sun Lakes Garden Club

Members have three events scheduled for January.

On Monday, January 14, A field trip is planned to the Caywood Cotton Farm in Casa Grande. Members will enjoy a private tour by the owners, including a hayride, fiddle playing and an interactive educational workshop about the crop. Members will enjoy lunch in Casa Grande before the three-hour tour. It’s guaranteed to be an educational day with some “cotton pickin’ fun”! Tour fee is $15.

Tuesday, January 15, is the monthly meeting (third Tuesday of every month). Socializing and refreshments begins at 9:30 a.m., followed by the meeting and featured program. The speaker this month is Master Gardener Pam Perry who knows everything you ever wanted to know about local plants. Her emphasis for this talk is propagating from seeds, but she will answer any gardening questions.

January 26 field trip to the Japanese Friendship Garden to tour the garden and see the annual Ikebana Floral Arrangement Show, followed by lunch.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month, 9:30 a.m. for socializing and refreshments followed by the program at 10:00 a.m. until noon. Members are invited to gather for an optional lunch after the meeting at a nearby restaurant. Meetings are held at the Chapel Center, located across the street from the Sun Lakes Country Club, next to the Sun Lakes All Faiths Church. Visitors are welcome. However, you’ll want to become a member and receive our monthly newsletter and be able to participate in our many activities. Dues are $20 per year ($25 for two members in the household). If you have questions about our upcoming events or membership, please call 480-540 8080.