Vickery, Cisneros Win Pool Club Tournaments

Gary Vacin

Jerry Vickery and Jerry Cisneros walked off with top spots in the Lucky Shot Pool Club’s fall tournament in 9-Ball and 8-Ball, respectively.

Cisneros finished second to Vickery in 9-Ball, with Jeff Michelin coming in third. Michael Dalsanders came in second in 8-Ball. Vickery placed third in that tournament.

Top three finishers in other pockets follow:

9-Ball Pocket 1 – 1st Jerry Vickery, 2nd Jerry Cisneros, 3rd Jeff Michelin

9-Ball Pocket 2 – 1st Greg Dowling, 2nd Joe Igelmund, 3rd Rich Schager

8-Ball Pocket 1 – 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Michael Dalsanders, 3rd Jerry Vickery

8-Ball Pocket 2 – 1st Joe Igelmund, 2nd Rich Schager, 3rd Curtis Stearns

8-Ball Pocket 3 – 1st J. R. Scheidereiter, 2nd Buddy Meola, 3rd Greg Dowling

8-Ball Pocket 4 – 1st Russ Oliverio, 2nd Virgil Weber, 3rd Rich Salvatore

8-Ball Pocket 5 – 1st Bill Mazejko, 2nd Scott Johnson, 3rd Ron Kent