Waste Management has nothing over us

Diana De Pree

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Lady Niner’s and lots of fun!

On January 12 our game was select a drive. That started the ball rolling with the following two weeks play (although it rained one of those weeks) for the Club Championship.

On February 2 we were treated to an event hosted by the Cottonwood Ladies 18-Hole league which consisted of nine holes of step-aside-scramble (so we would not feel embarrassed) and a banquet of goodies on the patio afterward.

On Tuesday, February 7 a group of eight from the Lady Niner’s hopped into three cars and took off for PebbleCreek Golf Course to participate in an invitational event of nine holes, lunch, prizes and loads of fun. Our girls came home smiling with pride and prizes. One Cottonwood Niner in particular was Moe Bleth, who carried her team to victory shooting one of her best rounds in the 50’s. All she could say while beaming was “Ask me what I shot”.

We finish this monthly article with a fantastic Valentine lunch, a meeting and scramble.

Here are your winners:

January 5 Blind Partners: 1st place: Leeanna Michelson and Sue Schafer; 2nd place: Bette Lu Buchanan and Barb Sherman; 3rd place: Betty Ennis and Betty Lansing.

January 12 Select A Drive: Flight One-1st place (tied): Linda Carr, Diane Hill; 2nd place: Marlene Knightly; 3rd place: Rachelle Wilson. Flight Two-1st place Barb Gann; 2nd place (tied) Betty Ennis and Donna Walgren; 3rd place: Bette Lu Buchanan, Anita Hopkins, Sharon Howard, Ginger Mays, Judy Whitney. Flight Three-1st place: Lorraine Berg; 2nd place: Lorri Morgan; 3rd place: Sandy Jackson.

January 26 Low Gross: Flight One-1st place: Lynn Tanner; 2nd place (tied) Linda Carr, Eden Carter, Sherry Manier; 3rd place: Barb Sherman. Flight Two-1st place: Leeanna Mickelson; 2nd place: Kathy Bushbaun; 3rd place (tied): Anita Hopkins, Karen Lapointe, Donna Walgren. Flight Three-1st place: Jerry Jordan; 2nd place: Kay Kautzman; 3rd place:  Donna Royle.