Water in the Desert?

"Lightning in the Gap at the Arches National Park" by Tom Jones

“Lightning in the Gap at the Arches National Park” by Tom Jones

Ann Posiviata

Yes, that’s right, it is monsoon season again. The desert is a very surprising and wondrous geographical location for weather—from the extreme temperatures of over 110 degrees in the Phoenix Valley to the freezing temperatures of 32 degrees in the depths of the Grand Canyon. Yet, nothing is more spectacular than an Arizona monsoon! The rain, lightning, dust storms using the desert landscape as its backdrop is truly photographic! It’s time to go do some storm chasing. Above all, safety first.

Our monthly image is by Tom Jones. While returning from a business trip in Colorado, Tom followed a thunderstorm to Arches National Park near Moab while in Utah. Waiting until the middle of the night for this photo, Tom was patient for the storm to arrive before actually taking a picture; he came home with just 22 images. Needless to say, Tom was hooked and invested in a lightning trigger. What better way to make use of the current social distancing guidelines than getting to know mother nature at her finest.

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