Water Media Club “Spilling Paint on Purpose”


Rose Sumners

“Travel,” the Sun Lakes WaterMedia Club’s current gallery showing, includes destinations and methods of journeying. Please visit and enjoy our work hanging in the art room location described below.

A recent activity was the currently popular art form called “Pouring.” Diane Hitt led us through the complicated process of mixing measured amounts of flortrol, silicone and acrylic paint. The chemical reactions formed wonderful artistic results after the artists added their touch through tilting, blowing and pulling the combined contents across canvas. Zen Winter’s piece demonstrates an outcome.

We recently welcomed a new member, Zen Winters. Her enthusiasm ignites our passions for painting. We welcome artists with a desire to improve their water-based media skills and enjoy the camaraderie while working at their art. If you are interested, attend our gatherings to paint together every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the art room off the Cottonwood Clubhouse atrium. For more information, contact Diane Hitt at 480-802-7080.