Water Media Club

Undersea, by Joy Horowitz

Undersea, by Joy Horowitz

Rose Sumners

The Water Media Club is saddened by the recent loss of two of our most talented and inspiring members, Joy Horowitz and Fran Osborn. Both helped form the club in its earliest years.

Joy’s involvement in numerous art shows brought her constant recognition. She was a longtime member of the Arizona Watercolor Association, the Scottsdale Artist League and the Art Alliance. Her paintings attracted awards across the Valley on a regular basis. Joy continually loved to experiment with new techniques and color combinations. She brought exciting lessons to the club with wild new challenges in applications. As we listened to her teaching instructions, her sparkling eyes and exuberant comments of “isn’t this wonderful?” set the tone. She was never one to stick to a single type of experimentation for long; a new one always drew her. Helping each of us in bettering our own works was her passion. Our painting lives have lost a beacon that guided our imaginations.

Fran was the earliest member of our club. In recent years, health limited her art to pastel work; the results were colorful, magnificent landscapes that amazed and impressed us. Fran’s positive outlook when she critiqued our paintings made them sound twice as good as they were. Needless to say, her critiques were so welcome! Times when she couldn’t produce her art, Fran always stopped by just to chat with us and view our art, demonstrating again the group’s strong ties.

We miss both of our friends and the inspiration and friendship they provided us over these many years.

The newest Water Media showing, in our Art Room off the atrium in the Cottonwood Club facility, demonstrates the use of black and white with one other color. Please stop by and view what creativity the unusual theme has produced. If you are interested in joining the Water Media Club, call Diane at 480-802-7080.