Watermedia Club – “Our Chickens Have Roosted”

Fran Osborn

Fran Osborn

Rose Sumners

“All about chickens” would express the effect of the Watermedia Club’s latest exhibit in the Art Room. Chickens always provide some excitement through their colors, variety and the opportunity for artists to focus on one object while painting. Each fowl subject seems to communicate checking out his territory; hens, roosters and whole pens full of red poultry jump out of these paintings. And they make us laugh! Come to the Art Room, enjoy the array and maybe purchase one to cheer up your home!

The opportunity to add to our skills provides one of the important functions of the club. Barbara Berns demonstrated, and we practiced, techniques using a beveled spatula to create special effects while utilizing brushes or palate knives. The results were bright and very abstract.

Our next theme will be the “Desert” so Rose Sumners showed how to bring mountains closer and further away utilizing warm and cool colors. A small amount of red added to the blues and purples moved those mountains. As usual, practicing produced fine and humorous outcomes and a bit of discussion.

If you are interested in pursuing more skills and knowledge as a watermedia artist, please call Diane Hitt for information or visit us on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Art Room off the Cottonwood Atrium.