Wearing of the green pickle

Janet Myrick

No, it’s the super fun IronOaks Pickleball Club having their St. Patrick’s Day Social. Never a dill moment with this group. There were three groups of five teams. Players randomly picked partners and played a round robin within their group. The winners in the Leprechauns group were Bobbie Reed and Jan Kristensen. Winners in the Shamrocks group were Bob Harper and Dave Bissell, and the winners of the Lucky Charms group were Leslie Macadam and Krissy Thomson.

Monica Dickens organized the food, prizes and setup. You may have seen her in a lot of our photos of previous socials. She always comes in total costume for the occasion and creates wonderful door prizes for the winners. Thank you, Monica!

JoAnn Zapatka always comes up with different games to play at each of our socials. It is hard to keep track of all the games going on. I know because I help her, but she is a wiz at making sure the correct players are playing the correct partners on the correct court assignments. Thank you, JoAnn!

The final social until next fall will be the Club Championships held on April 14. Come on out and watch some great pickleball and see how much fun the players have.

If you are interested in joining, please go to our website at Ironoakspickleball.com. and apply for membership. If you would like to learn to play pickleball or just try it to see why people are enjoying it so much, please contact Bev Kruger at [email protected] or ask at the front desk at the Fitness Center.

Remember, stay out of the kitchen, dink responsibly, think before you dink and, lastly, live, laugh and play pickleball!