Wearing of the Green

Janet Myrick

Wearing of the Green, Saint Patrick’s Day Pickleball Social was another huge success. This year, we had 48 players which were split into eight teams with six players each. It was a team event only allowing each person two points when serving with any rotation of players for all five rounds. The names of the teams were O’Brien’s, O’Connell’s, McDonald’s, Daley’s, Bailey’s, Kelley’s and Kennedy’s.

After playing five rounds, it was a tie for the winner. After tossing a gold coin to break the tie, the winners were the Kennedy’s (Captain Terry Bannan, assisted by Cheryl Nelson, and players Robin Robinson, Matt Niesz, Christa Lee and Vern Little).

Second place were the O’Brien’s (Captain Rick O’Brien, assisted by LuAnne O’Brien, and players Ken Kinerknecht, Todd Peschman and Bev Haines).

This is SLPCIO’s last social for the season. The next event will be our Club Championship on Saturday, April 13. Come out and watch the fastest-growing sport around the world and sign up for free lessons.