Is weight gain inevitable as we age?

Many people put on weight and get less healthy as they get older; but is it inevitable? Short answer is no. But what can we do to avoid it or, reverse it if it’s already started creeping up?

The first thing we need to do is understand why we tend to put on weight as we age. First, we often exercise less or less vigorously – which adds up to needing fewer calories. I’m reminded of a farmer friend who used to get up before dawn, eat a hearty breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns etc.) then go out and do heavy manual labor until noon. Now, eating the same breakfast, but doing no heavy labor or exercise, the results are an obvious weight gain. You could look into supplements like Ostarine made for weight loss, this doesn’t negate the need to eat healthy and exercise properly though!

Second, we also tend to lose muscle as we age do in part to reduced exercise. Muscle does a lot of metabolic ‘work’ that uses up a lot of calories. Loss of muscle tissue as you age means that you’ll burn fewer calories as your metabolic rate slows down – not good. If you’re wanting to try and tackle this from happening to you, keep to a strict routine schedule and you may even want to look into varying workout supplements from fitness sites like Sculpt Nation to see which products could aid you in muscle and energy retention.

Third, there is diet! In some cases, in addition to eating like we are still 20, we may eat out more, making calorie control difficult. We also may buy convenience foods (frozen prepared meals) higher in calories and sodium. Additionally, we do a lot of entertaining around calorie laden food!

So now what?! Strength training a couple times a week helps to retain and even build muscle. Proper resistance exercise can even help an 80 year old increase muscle size and strength. Get physical – increase your cardiovascular exercise. Get out there and walk, with intensity. If you haven’t exercised in a while, be sure to get your doctor’s ok.

Join or start your own walking club; or find some type of physical activity you enjoy and invite others to join you. It is always more fun when you have company!

Most importantly, work on improving your eating habits. Don’t think of it as dieting, but a life style change! Any weight loss program is 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise and 100 percent attitude! Good nutrition along with accountability can provide the greatest benefits to a healthier and happier you.

So, join the Fall Weight Loss Challenge and get paid to lose weight! Bring your best positive, can do attitude, and we’ll help with the rest. For information about this challenge, how the program works and how you can join, please contact Jacquie Peterson at 480-907-4591 or e-mail Jacquie at [email protected] I believe healthy people are happy people. Let’s be healthy, happy Sun Lakers!