Welcome to Paradise: Let’s keep it that way

Leslie Swan

We’ll welcome you here in our home for a stay; but let me outline the rules as they lay. Pack your GPS in the bags that you bring, for the car that you’ll rent at the airport’s the thing. We shall try to be here for a meet and greet, if it fits with a schedule that to us is quite sweet. We’ll not give up hiking or golfing and such, with the company we get, it would be asking too much.

You’ll stop at the store to buy what you drink, and maybe some flowers would be nice, I think. Settle in and get cozy in the room that you choose, can even take time for a short catch up snooze. There’s food in the kitchen for your breakfast and lunch, fresh fruit from the trees, so do pick a bunch. Take us out for a meal at least every few days, as planning and cooking puts me in a haze.

There’s lots of great things here for you to do; and shopping‘s the best we have found to be true. We have dryers and curlers, all the basics for you; this leaves room for most of the shopping you do. Pack light and leave room for the stuff that you buy; we’ll haul nothing home, so don’t even try. Get off on your own to doing shopping and touring; quiet times on our own is very alluring.

When your visit is over and it’s time to get going, have your room like it was for your initial showing. Change the sheets, dump the garbage and dust would be nice, a scrub of the bathroom and you might get back twice. This may seem quite awful to give to each guest, but we have found for our sanity it really is best; 80 plus days is filled with company you see, so upfront with the rules is what we must be.