We’re Arizona Rangers, and We Love What We Do

Bill Boone

As the Sun Lakes Rangers enter their fifth year, the Sun Lakes Company has evolved and grown in many ways. Starting with five members in 2019, the Company has grown to over 40 full and probationary Rangers. Five years ago, at its formation, the Company was focused on laying the foundation that would allow it to grow and serve the community in a professional way. Creating standards for training, professionalism, procedures, and conduct was the emphasis. This strong foundation has fueled the next evolution of growth in the Sun Lakes Rangers Company.

This next evolution of the Sun Lakes Rangers has the Company being a trusted partner with local law enforcement agencies across the area. Sun Lakes Rangers perform law enforcement support services ranging from traffic control, event security, search and rescue, to ad hoc and on-call duties of all types. Our closest formal relationship is with the Chandler Police Department, and our newest is with the Town of Superior. Sun Lakes Rangers also have an agreement in place with the Gila River Police Department in addition to supporting other departments when their resources are stretched thin.

In serving the local Chandler community and working closely with the Chandler PD, the Sun Lakes Rangers have provided in excess of 1,000 hours to support the department and community. Our partnership with the Chandler PD has greatly benefited both parties. The Company provides the police with needed additional manpower, and the Chandler PD, in turn, has provided the Company with training, guidance, and surplus equipment. The Company extends a warm welcome to new Chandler Police Chief Bryan Chapman, and we look forward to working with him.

In duties ranging from the Ostrich Festival, security for the Sun Lakes Jewish community services, numerous traffic accidents, and other citywide events, the Sun Lakes Rangers have developed a high profile locally. The Company’s highest profile duty is the HOA community patrols that the Company performs right here in Sun Lakes. The patrols, which started in 2019, are a foundational duty and service that we provide, encompassing multiple day and night patrols per week. In addition to the patrols, you’ll see us leading the way at the annual Christmas and Easter Golf Cart Parades, as well as providing security at concerts, recycling days, and other gatherings around the community. If you happen to see us, feel free to come up and say hello. We’d love to meet you.

The Sun Lakes Rangers are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and we accept donations via our website, www.azrangerssunlakes.org/donate.

Please follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/ArizonaRangersSunLakesCompany.