Wet and Wild Aerobics notice

Marti Scott

The physical and mental benefits of exercising in the water are many. A well designed water workout will increase your pulse rate and help to make your heart operate in a rhythmic, ever strengthening pattern and increase circulation and blood flow. The effective and appropriate exercise program overtime can result in lower pulse rate, weight loss, reduction of body fat and lower blood pressure. The most important thing is it is fun!

Meet people, get health benefits and have fun Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Cottonwood pool and Tuesday and Thursday at the Oakwood pool. All classes start at10:00 a.m. We exercise to lots of different kinds of music. We work out all winter in warm Sun Lakes pools. Each class is $3 or you can buy a punch card for $25 and 10 classes. For more information call Marti Scott at 480-895-4176.