What are you thinking?


Ever wish you knew what your pet was thinking? You can: just watch his tail. Instead of using words, your pets use body language to communicate.


Unlike dogs, the tails of most domestic cats don’t vary all that much. Long-haired kittens tend to have impressively furry tails, whereas shorthaired cats’ tails only fluff up when they’re feeling excited, fearful or hostile. However, if you know what to look for, you can often read your feline companion’s mood by the appearance of her tail. Cats are enigmatic creatures. Once you learn to recognize the silent signals Mr. Whiskers is sending with his tail, you’ll have a bit of insight into what is going on in that furry little head of his!

Tail Standing Straight Up and Quivering: It’s a sign kitty is feeling fine and experiencing anticipation, pleasure or excitement.

Tail Straight Up: A cat who is feeling confident, comfortable and content.

Tall Tail with Question Mark: This means he’s feeling playful and ready for human interaction and communication.

Tail Tucked Underneath. When your cat sees or hears something alarming or frightening, she may begin acting strange or try to make herself look smaller. This usually means she tucks her tail, literally, between her legs.

Tail Low to the Ground: A kitty who’s feeling threatened by something in his environment may drop his tail low to the ground. If you notice your cat looking wary with his tail in this position, understand the behavior may quickly progress from uncertainty to aggression.

Tail Lashing Rapidly Back and Forth: If you see her tail whipping back and forth or thumping the floor, it’s a sure sign of irritation. This stance is a warning—before she lashes out—that she may be preparing to take on whatever is getting her irritated.

Tail Gently Swishing from Side to Side: This move shows how focused cats can be as they wait for just the right moment to pounce!

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