What Is Dry Heat?

Dale Fanzo

Living in the desert one must adjust,

The sun rises early and then goes down at dusk.

The thermometer can reach as high as one hundred fifteen,

The asphalt can skillet my eggs and bacon that is lean.

Humidity can go as low as one percent,

My sandals will melt on the scorching hot cement

But oh, to live in the desert is so neat,

But really, what is dry heat?

We buy misters and put up pergolas for shade,

Wearing Sun Devil tank tops that are locally made.

We drink plenty of water and Gatorade for hiking,

Then we wait until evening to do our biking.

Saguaro or prickly are our common words we know,

Flagstaff is a cool place to see the snow.

But I ask myself every day enjoying an ice cream treat,

But really, what is dry heat?

My friends back East say your weather is great,

To have the sunshine daily from five to eight.

I tell them that lotions, no matter the number,

Will give sunburn that will interrupt your slumber.

My working in the yard is sunrise scheduled for sure,

Keep the flowers alive my drip system is the cure.

I agree, the palm trees and sunshine cannot be beat,

But really, what is dry heat?

Come August out in the desert the storms move through quickly,

If you are out in a dust storm, you can become sickly.

We call them haboob, not sure why given that name,

The dust that cover miles long, gives it its fame.

Our snowbirds come November, knowing it’s cool.

They sit out on their patio with a Moscow mule.

I say to you that my living in the desert cannot be beat!

But really, what is dry heat?

Stay safe, stay well, stay smiling.