What Is Happening?

Have you noticed the construction crews working on the north side of Riggs Road near the library? The answer to that question would be—progress.

For 20 years, the only way to get to our Maricopa Library or the Methodist Church was by auto—no big deal if you have a car and can drive there. However, for people with disabilities who travel via golf cart, wheelchair, or just want to walk to the library, you were just out of luck. The Maricopa Board of Supervisors was informed of this problem, and they listened. Construction started mid-October

A pathway/sidewalk is being constructed on the north side of Riggs Road from Pima Place past the library and on to the east end of the Methodist Church’s parking lot, replacing ditches that were often water and weed filled.

“At their core, libraries are about connection—the Ed Robson Library is here to connect the Sun Lakes community to the events, materials, and services they need! What better way to do that than with a sidewalk that safely connects residents to the library? Maricopa County Library District is excited this project is underway and looks forward to the many years of connections this will bring!” —Jeremy Reeder, Director, Maricopa County Library District