What is New Adventures in Learning?

Tony Contrabasso

I would like to present an exciting program being offered at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Sun Lakes Center at the corner of Alma School and Riggs Roads.

My name is Tony Contrabasso. I live here with my wife and we have been full-time residents for the past 20 years. Unfortunately, we were not aware of New Adventures in Learning until about five years ago. My main goal is to make sure that all residents or the Sun Lakes/SunBird/Solera communities are aware of what New Adventures in Learning (NAIL) is all about.

New Adventures in Learning is a true gateway to a life-long learning experience. My wife and I are now students and I am a presenter. My latest project has been to start a Speaker’s Bureau to spread the word about the wonderful programs available through NAIL.

Classes range from A to Z. Each semester up to 80 different classes are offered so there is always something of interest for everyone. There are also Round Table Discussion Groups where a facilitator will present a topic and everyone participates in the discussion. In addition to the in-house classes there are guided field trips to local places of interest such as museums, geological field trips, visits to city hall and many more.

All of the classes are presented by volunteers including former educators, historians and other professionals and residents of the Sun Lakes community. These volunteers are willing to share their expertise and life experiences in the classroom. For example, we have one class that could one day save your life. This class teaches you to enter your medical history on a flash drive which you keep on your person in case of an emergency. A RN and some volunteers from Intel assist with this unit.

The classes run from one to two hours and include a midway break and Q and A. There are no tests, no homework, no marks; just wonderful knowledge to be shared. Additionally solicitation to the attendees is prohibited.

It would be a truly wonderful experience to attend our classes and perhaps present a class on your professional past or an experience you had and want to share with us. There was a TV program back in the ‘50s in New York called The Naked City and the voice over in the beginning would say, “There are eight million stories in this city. This is just one of them.” Well there are not that many people in Sun Lakes/SunBird/Solera but there are many stories that are waiting to be shared.

One of the goals of our Speaker’s Bureau is to reach out to groups in the communities and make presentations on what New Adventures in Learning is all about. If you or a club you belong to would like to learn more about this great opportunity please contact Tony Contrabasso at 480-895-8663 or at [email protected]