What is the right size?

Sue Schwartz

Why would we build a modern Health and Wellness Center when we have so many facilities in the surrounding area? Do your own due diligence and drop into the Villages on Alma School (aka the “Taj Mahal”) or Life Fitness (aka “Big Box”) on Arizona Avenue. Check out their clientele. I bet you see young people with “bodies to die for,” clad in the latest look-at-me workout fashions. Grey hair, wrinkles, walkers, canes and age spots are few and far between.

Ask yourself these questions:

Would you fit in? Could you get there in your golf cart? Do they offer training based on state-of-the-art exercise science for older adults?

Our land-locked community requires we maximize our space requirements now. We don’t have the option of a mulligan. The Fitness Facility Study group approached our space requirements by developing a formula based on 19 similar communities’ populations and space devoted to exercise equipment.

Then we partnered with the National Institute of Fitness Sports (NIFS), professionals in senior fitness facilities design and operations. We asked them to apply our population to their computerized space requirements. The aha moment came when they applied their expertise to determine a size that’s “just right” for our population, not the Taj Mahal and not too small – a space that provides room to safely move and facilitates those with limited mobility. A modern Health and Wellness Facility that is just right for our needs is 18,000 to 20,000 SF.

If you have any questions, you may contact Rick Ricketts at 425-356-9600 or Sue Schwartz at 480-529-8088.

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