Who says parents can’t celebrate Mother’s Day?

Rover’s Rest Stop

Rover’s Rest Stop

Mother’s Day is May 14. If your child is furry and walks on all four, that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the fun. Pet moms are some of the best, most loving, giving and deserving moms around.

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day together.

Outfit – Dress your dog up for the holiday with a leash or collar designed with hearts or flowers. It’ll brighten your day every time you look at your fur child. Or if you want to go all out, try out some doggy clothes made for this special day.

Walk – …on the avenue, 5th Avenue, the photographer will snap you… Now that she is in her Easter outfit, there’s no better time to explore that area you have been wanting to check out. Your dog will love you for the extra time outdoors together.

Brunch – The weather is getting warmer, and that means more restaurants are setting up their patios and sidewalks for al fresco dining. Sniff around for one that has an appealing menu and will welcome you with your dog, http://www.dogster.com/dogs-101/dog-friendly-businesses. Or pack a picnic and make an afternoon of your Walk.

Card – Dogs may not be very good at taking the car and going shopping for a cool Mother’s Day card, but the good news is that you can help your dog out with card “shopping.” To find great doggy Mother’s Day cards online, Sloppy Kiss Cards have very appealing animated Mother’s Day cards, http://www.sloppykisscards.com/dog-mothers-day-ecards.php. You also can custom design with pictures of your breed of choice and a message from your dog. Some cards even offer the ability to upload your dog’s photo.

Bouquet – Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, find a dog-friendly farmer’s market with vendors selling beautiful  bouquets. Go with your dog and sniff out a bunch of flowers that will brighten your week. Many of the farmer’s markets have stands that prepare tasty local foods, so you can even grab yourselves a fun Mother’s Day meal there.

Easter Basket – Bisket Baskets, http://www.bisketbaskets.com, offers a very special basket this time of year. The feast for the eyes and taste buds is a lovely basket made up of tasty, all-natural homemade treats for your dog, and delectable chocolates and other sweet yummies for you. It’s not cheap, but if your dog has deep pockets, it’s worth the splurge. Or take your dog to Michael’s or Walmart and make your own basket (yes, you can take your dog to Michael’s or Walmart; they just need to be on a leash and in the cart with a blanket under them so they don’t get their paws stuck).

Rover’s Kids wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Give your kids a hug and kiss from us.