Why Hands? Why Feet? Reflexology

Kathleen Ismael, Reflexology Practitioner

The human body is self-sustaining, intricate, and amazing. The hands and feet are the sensory organs of the body. The fingers sense a myriad of stimuli such as heat, cold, heavy, light, pressure to squeeze or release, to name just a few.

Movements of the feet stimulate the entire body. The need to run, for example, requires more oxygen than walking. So, pressure signals from the soles of the feet tell the brain whether the body is walking, running, standing, sitting, or lying down! These signals prompt blood sugar, oxygen, muscle contraction, to name just a few.

A single nerve travels from the center of the big toe to the part of the brain responsible for controlling movement, respiration, and cardiac acceleration. In this same way, pressure applied to the center of the big toe sends a signal to the brain, which triggers a response. Amazing!

Pressure applied to reflex zones on the sole of the foot or palm of the hand “communicates” with corresponding parts of the nervous system.

The science and art of reflexology is a popular therapy that uses specific reflex points on the feet and hands to improve health and well-being. Reflexology stimulates the central nervous system, sending signals to renew, balance, and heal.

Reflexology can also produce a euphoric state of relaxation. During this relaxation state, muscles and blood vessels relax. Blood circulates more freely, delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells. Relaxation achieved during a reflexology treatment session is of great benefit in health and recovery, disease prevention, improved circulation, cell growth, pain relief, improved digestion and immune system, as well as improved balance and mobility over time.

Let’s face it. The feet have it all. Hands Down!